Dakota Gas food service provider wears angel wings in her off-time

Kim Fischer provides food service at Dakota Gasification Company's cafeteria.

Kim Fischer provides food service in the cafeteria at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant every Monday through Thursday as a contractor, and also owns and operates a food truck. But since March 2020, she has added meal delivery angel to what she does in her spare time.

Fischer says she delivers meals to anyone who is sick in the area. She stopped counting at 50 meals in early 2020.

“I started doing the deliveries during a time when we had little hope of the future, a lot of anxiety, and I thought a small act of kindness could remind people there is still plenty of good in our world,” she says. “I wanted my employees to have hope and peace during a crisis, showing them we can make a difference.”

Fischer says hears about sick individuals who could use the meals from neighbors, friends, and relatives of the individuals who are sick. She will deliver to all requests without screening them. “Some individuals have sent messages saying some of their family have received food and how special that was for them,” she says. “Community needs to understand as businesses we are not only about making money, we are about giving back to our community. Most small businesses are givers to the community.”

Fischer prepares the meals at the cafeteria at the Synfuels Plant. You can watch a story KFYR-TV did with Fischer: Pandemic deliveries: Beulah woman delivers meals to people who are sick

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