Basin Electric member match goes toward Carhart Trail improvements

A segment of Carhart Trail following the 2022 update partially funded by San Isabel Electric and Basin Electric.

Basin Electric has been involved in historically significant changes to a trail within the Pueblo Mountain Park in Beulah, Colorado.

The Carhart Trail is the nearest remote nature experience a user can have from Pueblo, as well as being the first developed recreational area in the entire United States Forest Service (USFS). Basin Electric provided a member match donation of $2,500 with Class C member San Isabel Electric Association to a non-profit, entirely volunteer-run organization called Southern Colorado Trail Builders.

The donation went toward the Carhart Trail and USFS trail system access point within the Pueblo Mountain Park. The trail expanded Pueblo Mountain Park user activities to include mountain biking and better access to a creek and campgrounds.

The project funded by Basin Electric and San Isabel Electric employed the services of experienced trail building experts to complete necessary changes for safety and recreational use. Following the trail improvements, the Carhart Trail is more navigable by foot and bicycle, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for users.

The Carhart Trail traverses some of the most dramatic terrain in the Pueblo Mountain Park and represents over 2,000 hours of volunteer trail construction work to complete its first iteration as a publicly accessible trail.

Basin Electric and San Isabel Electric’s combined donation of $5,000 adds up to nearly 35% of total funding for the project.

“We appreciate the generous support of Basin Electric on the recent Carhart Trail improvement,” says Adam Davidson, Southern Colorado Trail Builder chair member. “The matching funds between the two of them make a huge difference for small non-profits like Southern Colorado Trail, as we are completely volunteer based.”