Basin Electric employees’ children get a firsthand view of working at Basin Electric

Family is a core component of being a cooperative. That’s why employees’ children ages 9 to 13 were invited to Basin Electric’s Headquarters for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. It was an opportunity for children to learn more about cooperatives and different career opportunities, and a chance for parents to be involved in a unique educational experience.

Fifty-three children participated, and many parents were able to join for sessions throughout the day. Parents were encouraged to participate but not reschedule meetings and essential duties so that children could get an accurate picture of their workday.


 Some of the highlights of the day were:

TSM. The group visited Basin Electric’s Transmission System Maintenance (TSM) facility in Menoken. The kids heard a presentation from the lineworkers on what they do and were able to see and touch some of their equipment.

Aviation. The children toured the hangar, heard from the aviation team, went inside a plane, and tried a flight simulator.

Medical Services. Presented by two of Basin Electric’s nurses, the group learned about the skeletal and muscular systems. They also had a visit from Burleigh Public Health that included a germ station where children put their hands under a black light for advice on washing hand techniques.

Payroll. The children learned what monthly expenses parents have and got to use fake money (with Basin Electric leaderships’ faces on it) to do a hands-on activity.


Communications. The group got to tour the video production room, speak on camera in front of a green screen, and see the large printers in action.

Lunch with parents. A build-your-own mac-n-cheese bar was served along with ice cream for dessert. 

Recap with parents. The children toured the board room and spoke into microphones to share what they learned, what they liked best from the day, what their parent does at Basin Electric, and what they want to be when they grow up.