Basin Electric employee receives Core Value Award from vendor

Micheal Farley, senior fleet administrator

It’s not Mr. Congeniality, but darn close.

Basin Electric Senior Fleet Administrator Micheal Farley won Agile Fleet’s Approachability Award, one of the vendor’s Core Values Awards given each year to celebrate notable individuals in the fleet industry who demonstrate the values that are integral to the company and its operations.

“Basin Electric and Agile Fleet have developed a great relationship over the years,” Farley says. “They've been great to work with, and it was very kind of them to acknowledge our role, as well. Their core values are very much in line with the cooperative principles, so it's something that happened very naturally on both sides."

"What makes Micheal stand out is not just that he is approachable and willing to be part of the wider fleet community, but that he commits once he has jumped in,” says Joe Poznick, Agile Fleet’s senior director of client success. “When we asked him to talk about the great work he does for Basin Electric, he has been flexible, understanding, and very genuine in his efforts. It was effortless to decide he was the right person for that core values category because his positive attitude made it so."

Basin Electric uses Agile Fleet’s software for its vehicle reservation system at three of its locations. Farley says it has allowed the cooperative to reduce the size of its motor pool and streamlined the process of checking out vehicles, thus saving Basin Electric time and money. 

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