Basin Electric donation aids wildfire relief

Volunteer firefighters fill up their truck at Basin Electric's Transmission System Maintenance outpost near Menoken, North Dakota.

One thing American Red Cross and Basin Electric have in common is their support of fire prevention and disaster relief. Across the Midwest, dry conditions have caused many wildfires, several of which affected Basin Electric members. That’s why Basin Electric donated $10,000 to American Red Cross for the wildfire relief efforts in North Dakota and South Dakota.

Recovering from a wildfire takes time and a diverse network of organizations and services to make sure people have the help they need, which is why Basin Electric partnered with American Red Cross. They use donations to best provide services and help people in disasters, big and small.

The wildfires directly affected end-of-line users by wreaking havoc on transmission poles. The volunteer fire crews worked alongside lineworkers to rebuild damaged poles so that local homes and businesses could have power restored.

“Basin Electric has a long history of supporting volunteer fire crews that support our rural communities,” says Jennifer Holen, charitable giving administrator for Basin Electric. “The way everyone came together to help those affected by the wildfires is why Basin Electric is so invested in supporting our communities.”