Basin Electric donates to Y.E.S. House

Y.E.S. House Foundation accepts donation from Basin Electric.

Basin Electric made a $150,000 donation to the Y.E.S. House Foundation in Gillette, Wyoming, to help cover ongoing efforts and program needs, including emergency housing to help combat youth homelessness in the community, treatment programs, a crisis shelter, a group home, and other necessary items to help youth thrive and succeed. 

The Y.E.S. House (Youth Emergency Services) serves youth and their families throughout the state of Wyoming, through 13 programs covering prevention, intervention, and education efforts. 

Their dedicated staff helps youth realize their potential and then assists them in making their dreams a reality. When youth and their families are in the care of Y.E.S. House, it means they are ready to make a change, learn new skills, and set course on a new journey. 

“Many times, the youth who come to the Y.E.S. House arrive with nothing more than the clothing on their back,” says Mary Melaragno, executive director of the Y.E.S. House Foundation. “This donation will ensure that the youth utilizing the Y.E.S. House programs will be clothed, fed, and provided a roof over their heads. They will get proper care, schooling, and medical help, including therapy.” 

Dry Fork Station Plant Manager Tom Stalcup lives in Campbell County, Wyoming, and is a member of the Basin Electric Charitable Giving Committee. Since the Y.E.S. House is located in Campbell County, the committee turned to him for his thoughts and opinions on the donation request. “I know of several people in the community, including coworkers and members of other co-ops in the Basin Electric family, who have utilized Y.E.S. House services over the 34 years I’ve lived here, so I understand the benefits its programs provide within our community, most often reuniting children with their families,” Stalcup says.

Ashley Fraser, senior safety coordinator at Dry Fork Station, is president of the Y.E.S. House Foundation board of directors. “This organization is close to my heart,” she says. “Growing up, my parents took in foster kids and, at the time, I didn’t really understand why. As I got older, I realized that there are so many youth out there that may not have a family to support them and who need assistance to overcome their struggles. Without having places like the Y.E.S. House, many youth may end up with addiction problems, living on the street, or much worse. Nothing is more important than investing in our youth and making sure our next generation is successful.”

In 2022, 1,344 youth and their families were cared for through counseling, learning life and social skills, education, transitional living, summer programs, and more. “We could not do what we do without the support of Basin Electric,” Melaragno says. “We appreciate this support so we can continue to help youth in our community and state.”

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