Basin Electric brings truck for kids to explore

kids with truck
Kids and adults both enjoyed seeing the Condor 150-I.

If you were in downtown Mandan, North Dakota, on May 15, it would be hard to miss the impressive display of big trucks that were part of the 2021 Touch A Truck. The event offered children an up-close, hands-on opportunity to explore heavy machinery, safety vehicles, and other cool trucks, as well as ask questions to the people who operate these machines.

This year, Basin Electric brought a Condor 150-I, a 150-foot bucket truck insulated for energized power line work. Greg Hutzenbiler, Basin Electric lineman-journeyman at the Transmission System Maintenance - Menoken shop, helped bring the truck. “This event helped show what Basin does as an energy supplier as well as how we maintain the power lines for the public," Hutzenbiler says. "The kids loved the opportunity to climb in the basket, ask questions, and touch the controls.”