A day in the life of Basin Electric senior fleet and logistics administrator Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson, Basin Electric senior fleet and logistics administrator.

We’ve all experienced inconveniences because of supply chain issues, product and worker shortages, and the COVID-19 global pandemic. But when your job is ensuring the delivery of every piece of equipment necessary to run facilities that provide power for 3 million people, the pressure can be significant.

Nathan Johnson is Basin Electric’s senior fleet and logistics administrator, managing orders from when Procurement makes a purchase to when that purchase is delivered to one of Basin Electric’s generation facilities. He coordinates freight for items as small as an o-ring that can be shipped in a UPS package to motors that weigh tens of thousands of pounds and need to be hauled overseas using a barge, then shipped the rest of the way by truck or train. Making sure an item is where it needs to be by the time it is needed is his job, as is holding vendors to what they said they can deliver.

Johnson says his goal is always to minimize the landed cost of a shipment, meaning what it costs to get a part or equipment to one of the facilities.

To learn more about Nathan Johnson, his responsibilities, and the importance of the Procurement team, read A day in the life of Senior Fleet and Logistics Administrator Nathan Johnson in the Spring 2022 issue of Basin Today.