Whether we're running on coal, wind, natural gas, hydro, nuclear or oil, or ramping up our generation to fulfill peak demand, you can be sure we've got the power for our members.

Name Type Fuel City State Capacity
PrairieWinds 1 and Minot Wind Renewable Wind Minot ND 122 megawatts
Crow Lake Wind Renewable Wind Chamberlain SD 162 megawatts
Deer Creek Station Intermediate Natural Gas Elkton SD 300 megawatts
Antelope Valley Station Baseload Coal Beulah ND 900 megawatts
Laramie River Station Baseload Coal Wheatland WY 1710 megawatts
Culbertson Station Peaking Natural Gas Culbertson MT 95 megawatts
Dry Fork Station Baseload Coal Gillette WY 385 net megawatts
Wisdom Generating Station Unit 2 Peaking Natural Gas, Oil Spencer IA 80 megawatts
Groton Generation Station Peaking Natural Gas Groton SD 196 megawatts
Leland Olds Station Baseload Coal Stanton ND 669 megawatts
Lonesome Creek Station Peaking Natural Gas Watford City ND 225 megawatts
Pioneer Generation Station Peaking Natural Gas Williston ND 247 megawatts
Recovered Energy Generation Baseload Waste Heat Northern Border Pipeline MT, ND, SD 44 megawatts
Spirit Mound Station Peaking Oil Vermillion SD 120 megawatts
Wyoming Distributed Generation Peaking Natural Gas Buffalo, Wright, Gillette, Arvada WY 45 megawatts