President's message

Wayne Peltier


“We are not ruffled by challenging situations. We meet them and raise them with the tried and true cooperative response: to fight for what’s right for our members, to show strength through numbers, and to wield a mighty voice against even the most foreboding of threats like:

... EPA’s poorly considered Clean Power Plan.

... A perfect storm of sorts wreaking havoc on our bottom line.

... A country divided.

Let’s stop there. The election is over. Finally. I have never seen so much anger fill up a country. I’m not singling out either candidate. I’m talking about the state of our country.

It’s easy to let the negativity get you down. It’s easy to lose faith in our ability to rise above it all. And, it’s easy to hunker down and just want it all to be over.

Yet, all of us are co-op members. Co-op believers. You are embodiment of co-op principles.”

Austerity program

“Making difficult decisions for the betterment of the whole, even though each of us had to go back to our local co-ops and explain it, is what you elected us to do.

The co-op way is rarely the easy way. In fact, it’s often the hardest way. And yet, when we emerge from whatever has been thrown at us, we come out – strength in numbers – strong, fortified and united.

I want you to know that our decision to raise rates carried significant weight. Long before the rate increase was decided, we directed Basin Electric staff to enter into an austerity program.

They did, and they surpassed our expectations.

And, when we passed the rate increase, we directed staff to continue the program into the unforeseeable future.

The commitment and diligence I’ve seen from staff has blown me away. I know it hasn’t been easy, and I know we’ve been asking employees to do more with less, but they get it.

We are all feeling the pain. We are in this together.”