Director Elections and Resolutions

Basin Electric directors are elected to three-year terms at Basin Electric Power Cooperative. Three directors were up for re-election at the 2016 annual meeting held Nov. 8-10 in Bismarck, ND. The Basin Electric board seats directors from 11 Class A membership districts.

Directors who were re-elected:

Leo Brekel, District 5, Tri State G&T

Mike McQuistion, District 7, Rushmore Electric Cooperative

Wayne Peltier, District 9

Other Basin Electric directors:

Kermit Pearson, District 1, East River Electric Power Cooperative

Gary Drost, District 2, L&O Power Cooperative

Troy Presser, District 3, Central Power Electric Cooperative

Don Applegate, District 4, Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative

Roberta Rohrer, District 6, Central Montana Electric Cooperative

Allen Thiessen, District 8, Upper Missouri Power Cooperative

Paul Baker, District 10, Powder River Energy Corporation

Charlie Gilbert, District 11, Corn Belt Power Cooperative


During Basin Electric’s 2016 Annual Meeting, Resolutions Committee Chairperson David Sigloh presented proposed edits to continuing and current resoltions, and three new proposed resolutions.

All items were approved by the members. The new resolutions include:

  • Energy supply and diversity: This resolution is the result of streamlining three existing resolutions into one.
  • Grassroots leadership: This resolution demonstrates Basin Electric’s commitment to educating youth about our rich cooperative heritage and values of rural electric cooperatives.
  • Climate change: This is the first resolution to address climate change at-large and addresses how we as a cooperative want to portray ourselves to legislators, according to Chris VandeVenter, Basin Electric legislative representative.

Download Basin Electric's approved 2016 resolutions.


Basin Electric's membership approved amendments to the Basin Electric Bylaws, presented by committee Chairperson Vic Simmons of Rushmore Electric.

Aside from major revisions, amendments addressed the addition of new members – Mid-Yellowstone Electric as a Class C member in District 8; and Members 1st as a Class A member, and PRECorp, Fergus Electric and Tongue River as Class C members within District 10.

The Bylaws Review committee is made up of one manager and one director of each district.

The committee's role is to review the bylaws and propose amendments, review amendments proposed by other members or the board of directors, and provide recommendations to the membership.

Download Basin Electric's Articles and Bylaws, amended Nov. 10, 2016.