Director elections, bylaws, and resolutions

Basin Electric directors are elected to three-year terms at Basin Electric Power Cooperative. Four directors were up for re-election at the 2017 annual meeting held Nov. 7-8 in Bismarck, ND, and three of those are retiring. The Basin Electric board seats directors from 11 Class A membership districts.

Directors who are retiring:

  • Gary Drost, District 2, L&O Power Cooperative
  • Don Applegate, District 4, Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative
  • Roberta Rohrer, District 6, Central Montana Electric Cooperative

Director up for re-election:

  • Paul Baker, District 10, Powder River Energy Corporation

Other Basin Electric directors:

  • Kermit Pearson, District 1, East River Electric Power Cooperative
  • Troy Presser, District 3, Central Power Electric Cooperative
  • Leo Brekel, District 5, Tri State G&T
  • Mike McQuistion, District 7, Rushmore Electric Cooperative
  • Allen Thiessen, District 8, Upper Missouri Power Cooperative
  • Wayne Peltier, District 9
  • Charlie Gilbert, District 11, Corn Belt Power Cooperative


Vic Simmons, chairman of the Bylaws Review Committee, presents the committee's proposed changes to the bylaws.

Vic Simmons, chairman of the Bylaws Review Committee, presents the committee's proposed changes to the bylaws.

Basin Electric's 2017 Bylaw Review Committee met Sept. 13 at Headquarters in Bismarck, ND. During the meeting, the committee elected a chairman and voted to recommend one amendment to the bylaws. It also deferred action on two other amendments until next year, asking staff to further research them and incorporate the committee’s comments into the proposed amendments.

The committee, made up of one manager and one director of each district, elected Vic Simmons, general manager of Rushmore Electric Power Cooperative, as chairperson.

The committee's role is to review proposed amendments to the bylaws and provide recommendations to the membership.

The proposed amendment would give the board of directors the authority to establish an audit committee as well as board advisory subcommittees.

The proposed amendment was included in the Notice of Annual Meeting, which was mailed in October. The membership voted to approve the proposed amendment during Basin Electric’s Annual Meeting.

Download the bylaws as approved at the 2017 BEPC Annual Meeting.



David Sigloh, chairman of the Resolutions Committee, presents the proposed resolutions for action by the membership.

David Sigloh, chairman of the Resolutions Committee, presents the proposed resolutions for action by the membership.

The Basin Electric Resolutions Committee reviewed the cooperative’s resolutions Sept. 12-13, 2017 at Headquarters in Bismarck, ND, and proposed two new resolutions.

The new resolutions include the following:

Tax incentives for energy development. This resolution relates to the current tax credits that are offered for the development of renewable energy, which are only offered to public power utilities – not rural electric cooperatives. While these incentives will soon expire, this resolution would encourage that in the future, similar incentives should be offered to cooperatives as well as public utilities.

Regulatory reform. The new administration is taking steps to decrease the regulations that currently face the energy industry. This resolution reiterates Basin Electric’s commitment to environmental protection, but states that the cost/benefit ratio must be taken into account when considering new and existing regulations. It also urges Congress to carefully oversee the Environmental Protections Agency and other regulatory agencies through legislation and other actions to provide transparency, encourage public participation in the regulatory process, and ensure environmental and financial goals are followed.

In addition to these new resolutions, the committee suggested removing the resolution regarding the Stream Protection Rule, because the rule is no longer in effect. Other minor revisions to reflect the change in administration were proposed, as well.

The committee also re-elected David Sigloh, director for Upper Missouri Power Cooperative, as its chairperson.

Basin Electric staff updated the committee on transmission efforts, power supply planning, member rates, legislative efforts, and the cooperative’s finances.

The committee, made up of directors from each of Basin Electric's districts and a Basin Electric board member, will meet again Nov. 6 before Basin Electric’s 2017 Annual Meeting to get members’ final approval on the resolutions before the members vote.

Download approved 2017 resolutions