Commitment to Workforce and Cooperative

Strengthening the workforce

Cooperative tradition is the foundation for Basin Electric’s continued success, and Basin Electric is successful because of this foundation. So, it’s imperative that we share our story – the cooperative history as a whole and Basin Electric’s history – with our new employees. This introduction serves as the learning foundation for the co-op’s employees. And the learning and development opportunities continue from there.

As we implement efforts to recruit new employees and retain our current employees, we have an eye toward the future. The Workforce Plan, a succession planning tool spearheaded by Human Resources, provides us with a snapshot of the makeup of our employee base. It shows in the next 10 years, 750 employees will reach normal retirement age, with 169 being supervisors.

We are taking a proactive approach to ensure a qualified pool of internal applicants exists for supervisory jobs. For the past several years, we have had a supervisory education program we call the Supervisor Toolkit, and we are developing a program called BE Leaders to train and prepare existing employees for the possibility of moving into a leadership role. 

Building Cooperative Connections

Our efforts to strengthen our employee base coincide with our efforts to strengthen our ties to our membership. We want our employees to firmly understand that our membership is our foundation and the strength of our cooperative.

We joined forces with Lower Yellowstone Electric Cooperative to launch our newly developed Building Cooperative Connections program.

A handful of Basin Electric employees spent a few days at Lower Yellowstone to learn about the business from their point of view. On the flip side, the Lower Yellowstone team visited us at Basin Electric for a few days to see what happens at the G&T level and to learn how decisions are made here. Our goal is to open this learning opportunity to other member co-ops who are interested.