CEO and General Manager's message

Paul Sukut

Strong and united

“Strong and United. It’s so easy to say, but the meaning behind it carries significant weight. We did not enter into this theme lightly. But, it is so appropriate for the situation we are in today.

“You see, challenges and difficult situations are not new to Basin Electric. Look at our history. No matter the challenge, no matter the impossible scenario, somehow, we emerge even stronger and more united. Why is that? Simply put, no one, is in a better position to emerge from this perfect storm than our cooperative family. No one is more resilient, nimble, adaptable and forward thinking than this family. Our history of bold actions has led us to where we are today: nine states and 137 member co-ops with long lists of innovative firsts and serial #1s.

“And, we are indeed strong. Our history has shown that. And I am confident our future will too.”


“In late August, Basin Electric finalized a lease and operating agreement with the Wyoming Integrated Test Center to facilitate the next generation of clean carbon technology. This agreement allows the ITC to be built and operated at our Dry Fork Station in Gillette, Wyoming. We are pleased to be the host site for a project that holds considerable promise for not only clean coal technology but our nation’s energy future.

“But that’s not all we’re doing. In September, Basin Electric worked with the Lignite Energy Council and ALLETE Energy to take a North Dakota delegation to Texas to study a few projects – one of them being the Allam Cycle, a promising technology on the horizon. ... Basin Electric and ALLETE have also each committed to contributing matching funds and in-kind services supporting the work.

“So, while the Clean Power Plan has no doubt expedited our work towards advancing clean coal technologies, we have long seen the handwriting on the wall. We acknowledge we are moving into a carbon constrained environment. This doesn’t mean, however, that we are not deeply concerned with the Clean Power Plan as written.”

Hanging together

“More than 50 years ago, we banded together out of need and formed Basin Electric. Today, we must band together again - different challenges, but same essential need: to strengthen rural America and serve our members with low-cost reliable power and services.

“So, with the same leap of faith, we ask you again to join together and hang on to that same core belief we are stronger, and can go farther, if we stay together.”