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Maintenance outage complete at Leland Olds Station

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In addition to maintenance work, the new scrubber was tied in to Unit 2.

     A section of ductwork is lifted at the Leland Olds Station.
A section of ductwork is lifted into place
during construction of the scrubber
at the Leland Olds Station. 

A scheduled fall maintenance outage is complete at the Leland Olds Station, prepping the unit for a strong run into the coming cold winter months.

Unit 2 at the coal-based power plant near Stanton, ND, was taken out of service Sept. 8 so employees and contractors could perform maintenance and repairs to several plant systems. The unit’s new scrubber was commissioned as well.

Mark Thompson, plant manager, said the boiler and turbine were inspected, maintained, and repaired as needed, as were valves, pumps, heaters and other balance-of-plant systems. “The high-pressure and intermediate-pressure turbine sections were disassembled for the first time in quite a while. Touch-up work was completed on the turbine blades. Inspections revealed no major issues,” Thompson said.

In addition to the maintenance work, Thompson said the final connection was made between Unit 2 and the new wet limestone flue gas desulfurization system, also known as a scrubber. The $410-million scrubber uses limestone to remove sulfur dioxide emissions from the flue gas. Unit 1 will be tied in to the scrubber during a future maintenance outage.

Les Larson, Basin Electric senior mechanical engineer, serves as project manager for the scrubber installation. He said the final piece of ductwork connecting Unit 2 to the scrubber was lifted Oct. 10, and the first flue gas passed through the scrubber Oct. 29. “Startup of the scrubber equipment and systems was directed by the scrubber equipment supplier,” he said. “The scrubber is performing as expected for removing sulfur dioxide from the flue gas.”

Thompson said many employees worked six, 10-hour shifts each week through the duration of the outage. Through the increase in work hours and activity on site, they kept their focus on safety. “Leland Olds employees completed a significant amount of work in a very safe manner, something they each should be very proud of,” Thompson said.

Unit 2 was returned to service Nov. 2.


Edited on Dec. 17, 2012.

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