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Fact Sheets

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Download up-to-date fact sheets about the following topics:

Harmony Lake

Energy Security

Energy Security (PDF)
Basin Electric is actively working to increase conservation and efficiency by doing our part to capture and contain CO2 emissions, and diversifying power generation in cleaner ways.

St. Baldrick's 2012


Commitment to Community (PDF)
Basin Electric gives back to the communities by extending a helping hand by donating their time throughout the community,  holding charity events such as St. Baldricks, Amber's Dream, Norsk Hostfest and offers many different scholarship opportunities to its members and employees.

CFL Lightbulb


Environmental Commitment (PDF)
Basin Electric and its membership support a clean environment and recognizes the need to use energy more efficiently to hold down the cost of producing additional energy and to conserve our natural resources.

Great Plains Synfuels Plant

Great Plains Synfuels Plant

Great Plains Synfuels Plant (PDF)
Basin Electric, through its for-profit subsidiary, Dakota Gasification Company, owns and operates the Great Plains Synfuels Plant $2.1-billion dollar plant that began operation in 1984. Located five miles northwest of Beulah, ND, the Synfuels Plant has been owned and operated by Dakota Gas since 1988.

Wilton Wind Farm

Green Energy

Green energy facts (PDF)
Basin Electric's membership passed a resolution in 2005, setting a goal to obtain green resources equal to 10 percent of the megawatt capacity needed to meet its member demand by 2010, they are on track to exceed their goal.



Innovation facts (PDF)
Throughout Basin Electric's history, the cooperative has participated in many first-of-its-kind projects. Basin Electric has stepped into the arena of innovative technologies when doing so will have long-term benefits to both the cooperative and its members.

oil rig

Serving the Bakken

Serving the Bakken facts (PDF)
The oil play in the Bakken formation covers parts of western North Dakota and eastern Montana. North Dakota has surpassed Alaska as the second-largest oil-producing state, trailing only Texas. Basin Electric has been actively monitoring the growth and planning for transmission and generation needs associated with rapidly increasing loads.

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