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Basin Today Magazine

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Basin Today

Basin Electric's corporate magazine, BASIN TODAY, is your resource for the latest feature stories about Basin Electric and its subsidiaries, the membership and industry trends. Six issues of the magazine are published annually.


 July-August 2014


 May-June 2014


 March-April 2014


 January-February 2014

2013 Basin Today Novemeber-December Cover Image

November-December 2013

2013 September-October Basin Today

September-October 2013

2013 July-August Basin Today

July-August 2013

2013 May June Basin Today

May-June 2013

March-April 2013 Basin Today

March-April 2013

Jan-Feb 2013 Basin Today

January-February 2013

Nov-Dec 2012 Basin Today

November-December 2012

Sept-Oct 2012 Basin Today

September-October 2012

Basin Today July - August 2012

July-August 2012

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Contact the Basin Today editor:

Andrea Blowers, staff writer/editor
Tel: 701.223.0441 ext. 5768