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Laramie River Station

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Laramie River facts

Located near Wheatland, WY, this baseload plant is fueled by coal.

  • Operating capacity: 1,710 megawatts
  • Basin Electric owns 722 megawatts capacity
  • Units: 3
  • Boiler height: 225 feet
  • Stack height: 605 feet
  • Construction costs: $1.6 billion
  • Environmental controls investment: $330 million
  • Fuel consumption: 375 tons of pulverized coal per hour (per unit)
  • Fuel supply: Sub-bituminous coal supplied by Western Fuels Association
  • Grayrocks reservoir capacity: 104,000 acre-feet
  • Horsepower: 600,000 per unit

Laramie River Station near Wheatland, WY

The Laramie River Station is located near Wheatland, WY.

The Laramie River Station, located east of Wheatland, WY, is one of the largest consumer-operated, regional, joint power supply ventures in the United States. Laramie River Station has three coal-based units: Unit 1: 570 net megawatts; began operating in 1980; Unit 2: 570 net megawatts; began operating in 1981; Unit 3: 570 net megawatts; began operating in 1982.

Laramie River is unique because it delivers electricity to two separate electrical grids. Unit 1 is connected to the Eastern Interconnection, while Unit 2 and Unit 3 are connected to the Western Interconnection. These grids, which divide the United States into two sections, were developed independently and must be served separately.

The electricity produced at Laramie River is sent to substations in Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado, where it is then delivered to Missouri Basin Power Project (MBPP) participants.

Missouri Basin Power Project

A group of six electric utilities, the Missouri Basin Power Project participants, own the plant and adjacent facilities. Basin Electric is a 42.27 percent owner of the Project and is also its Operating Agent.

The other five MBPP participants are:

Missouri Basin Power Project logo

Grayrocks Dam and Reservoir

Located 11 miles east of Laramie River Station, the Grayrocks Reservoir is the principal water source for the plant. Along with other groundwater sources, it provides up to 23,250 acre-feet of water annually for steam production and cooling at the plant. The reservoir, which is about eight miles long, includes recreational facilities and a visitor overlook. Several species of game fish are stocked in the reservoir.

Grayrocks Reservoir

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