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Dry Fork Station

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Dry Fork Station   
Dry Fork Station near Gillette, WY

Located 7 miles north of Gillette, WY, the Dry Fork Station is a coal-based electric generation power plant owned by Basin Electric Power Cooperative (92.9 percent), and the Wyoming Municipal Power Agency, Lusk, WY. (7.1 percent).

Construction on the Dry Fork Station began in 2007, more than three years after the plant was announced. The workforce peaked at about 1,300 in 2009. Among many significant milestones, the safety record during construction included more than 6 million man-hours worked without a lost-time accident.

Sub-bituminous coal from the nearby Dry Fork Mine north of Gillette provides fuel for Dry Fork Station via a conveyor system approximately one mile in length. The station uses pulverized coal (PC) technology and the latest generation of pollution control technologies resulting in very low emissions.

Design capacity of Dry Fork Station is 422 megawatts (MW); however, the maximum net generation is estimated to be 385 MW. One megawatt of capacity is generally considered to be sufficient electric power for 800 homes, so the Dry Fork Station’s output would theoretically provide enough electricity for 308,000 homes.



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Contact information

Dry Fork Station
12460 N Highway 59
Gillette WY 82716

Heidi Hockett
Community Representative - Dry Fork Station
Tel: 307.687-8435

Appointments are required.

Dry Fork Station story on DVD

Discover how Dry Fork Station near Gillette, Wyoming, uses America’s abundant coal resources responsibly to generate power for rural America:

Request a DVD of Dry Fork Station: Powering Rural America. .